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The City has designated two procurement and contracting agencies for goods, services, and construction:
Purchasing for all equipment, materials, supplies and other services; and
Engineering for construction, land surveying, architectural and engineering services.



  1. One quote is are required for purchases of $1,000 or less. Pending available funds, using departments may obtain supplies and services from the vendor that has the item available for immediate shipment, without having to obtain pricing from another vendor. However, departments are instructed to be price cognizant of the item they are purchasing to ensure the City is obtaining the best value for the purchase. Additionally, departments should utilize a rotational system and the Supplier Portal which allow all vendors the opportunity to supply the City's needs for these incidental purchases. Vendors are encouraged to contact using departments to be placed on the rotation list (bidders’ list) and register on the Supplier Portal for the items they would like to supply the City.  An “Incidental Purchasing Contact List" is provided for reference.
  2. For purchases > $1,000 and =< $2,000, two quotes must be solicited. Departments are required to obtain a written offer from the selected vendor to ensure all terms and conditions of the sale are documented.
  3. For purchases > $2,000 and =< $3,000, three written quotes must be solicited. For a quote to be valid, it must be on the City's Request for Quote form or contain the following information:
    ⇒ Addressed to the City
    ⇒ Written on the vendor's letterhead, or provided on vendor's or city's quote form and containing the vendor’s contact information.
    ⇒ Date
    ⇒ Lead time (the amount of time to deliver the goods)
    ⇒ FOB (ownership of merchandise in transit and freight terms) Note: Should be "FOB Destination".
    ⇒ Description of the product
    ⇒ Price
    ⇒ Signature
  4. ​​​​​​For purchases > $3,000 and =< $50,000, three written quotes must be solicited and a Purchasing Division Buyer must be contacted to obtain a list of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) that sell the product or service the department is buying. State law requires the City to contact at least two HUBs, on a rotating basis, for purchases of more than $3,000, but less than $50,000.

    Exceptions to the above procedures are as follows:

    ⇒ Items inventoried at the Warehouse may be obtained from the Warehouse.

    ⇒ Items purchased through state or federal agencies are to be sent to Purchasing. Examples include items purchased through:
        ♦ CPA – Texas Comptroller of Public Account’s state term contracts
        ♦ TXMAS - Texas Multiple Awards Schedule
        ♦ DIR - Department of Information Resources
        ♦ TIBH - Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped
        ♦ GSA - General Services Administration, Schedules 70 and 84.

    ⇒ Items purchased through cooperative purchasing programs (coops) are to be sent to Purchasing. Coops currently used by the Purchasing Division are:
        ♦ HGAC - Houston-Galveston Area Cooperative
        ♦ BuyBoard
        ♦ TCPN – The Cooperative Purchasing Network
        ♦ U.S. Communities
  5. All purchases > $50,000, must be sent to the Purchasing Division for advertising and award by City Council.



If you are already registered with Supplier Portal, you may log into the
City of Corpus Christi Supplier Portal.

Not Registered
Please visit our Vendor E - Procurement Instructions on the Supplier Information page.



Please click on this Forecasted Procurements link to view a list of bids and proposals that will be released during this calendar year.