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Emergency Alert

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The Gas Department provides services for Residential & Commercial customers. The department provides 24-hour Emergency Service, Rebate Programs, and strives to educate the public about natural gas safety. Residents are encouraged to "Call before you dig!" to avoid hitting gas lines. The Gas Department also partners with the Department of Social Services to provide Operation Heat Help, which assists low-income families with a portion of their natural gas utility bill during the winter. 

Contact Information

For the Gas Department

Address: 123 Street

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9277, Corpus Christi, TX 78469

Phone: (361) 885-6910

New Service: (361) 826-3440

Fax: (361) 853-3200

Gas Department Services

Call Before You Dig

Begin your project knowing that you are utilizing safe excavation practices while preserving vital services, protecting property and saving lives!                                      

CNG Program

CNG or compressed natural gas is a domestically available, economical, clean burning, alternative fuel source for vehicles.

Home Builder Incentives

The City of Corpus Christi Gas Department is making it easier for builders to offer Natural Gas as a standard feature in all future homes for potential homeowners.

Natural Gas Home Rebate Program

A rebate in the amount specified will be given for each natural gas appliance installed in a new home or for each natural gas appliance conversion in an existing home.

Bill Mahaffey, Director of Gas Operations

Bill Mahaffey, Director of Gas Operations