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Street Operations Department's Traffic Management section consists of three groups:  Traffic Engineering, Signs & Markings, and Traffic Signals.

Traffic Engineering

  • Maintains an efficient traffic signal system
  • Provides technical support services
  • Plans, programs, develop, designs, budgets and manages special projects
  • Develops Traffic Control Plans
  • Manages Vision Obstructions

Signs & Markings

  • Fabricates and installs traffic signs
  • Inspects, maintains and installs pavement markings
  • Implements traffic control plans
  • Reviews traffic signs and pavement marking plans
  • Inspects traffic signs

Traffic Signals

  • Operates Traffic Management Center (TMC)
  • Reviews traffic signal plans
  • Inspects and repairs flashers/beacons
  • Operates, maintains and repairs traffic signals
  • Provides emergency response services
  • Inspects and repairs Integrated Traffic Signal field services


Traffic Engineering is located on the 3rd floor of City Hall, 1201 Leopard Street.

Signs & Markings and Traffic Signals are located at 2525 Hygeia next to the Street Operations building.