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Welcome to the Forward Site! This site is still under construction. Please use the Comment Form to give feedback.

Welcome to the Forward Site!

This site is a work in progress, but one day the Forward Site will be the City of Corpus Christi’s new website. This new website will focus more on services, so that residents can find what they are looking for quickly, without having to find the correct department to contact.

When browsing the Forward Site, please keep in mind that this website is not finished. We are making this site public while it is still under construction so that citizens can provide feedback early on, and we can respond to your feedback throughout the development process. Use our Comment Form here to tell us what you think. You can visit the Forward Site directly at

Our official website is still located at, however once departments have approved of their new pages, the current website will be set to forward their pages to this website. Official pages that exist on the Forward site are listed below:

          Electronic Bulletin Board »

          Streets Department »

We are currently in Phase 2 of a four-phase transition from the old website to the Forward Site. At this point, many pages on the site are still templates, filled with Latin text and grey “place-holder” images. Oftentimes you’ll click a link that simply refreshes the page you are currently on. These are just some of the quirks you can expect when viewing a site that is still under construction.

Check out our pages in Phase 1, listed below, and let us know what you think!

          City Secretary »

          Water Department »

          Financial Transparency »

          City Auditor »

          Mayor and City Council »

          City Manager »

          Assistant City Manager »

          Streets Department »

          Communication Department »

Please check back soon to see more progress!